Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So, many of you who know me and have seen me since having the twins (in person or via photos) have probably noticed the additional chin, fat thigh chub-rub, sexy cankles, or a combination there of. Perhaps you've had the hankering to sing "fat girl in a little coat" in my presence. I know I have. About you. No, I'm kidding. Seriously though, I'm fat.
I have gone from a size 5 to an 11. An 11, kids. Seriously. It makes me want to travel back to my Sr. year in high school and bitch slap the taste out of my mouth for ever complaining about how "fat" I was. Dumb teenagers.
As much as I'd like to starve the unsexiness out of me, I'm breastfeeding and that means I actually have to eat. Just to make milk though. That's is not just for the benefit of survival anymore. I am, however, trying to eat healthier (i.e. things with little to no taste). Making the task even tougher is the absence of my thyroid. What kind of cruel joke was that? Let's take the one major part of the body that controls my metabolism so that it virtually doesn't even exist any more.
Anywho, now that we're settled and not so transient, I get to finally start working on myself. After the holidays of course. You know it's stupid to make that kind of commitment to go into effect before New Year's.

Knock Knock....

Who's there?


I'm finally back after a slow shuffle through hell and we're finally unpacking in our new home. Why, you might ask, was this an especially craptastic trip through the seventh circle? Let me tell you.

We left Arizona on October 31st. Not only did Darby miss Halloween but the twins missed it, too. Huge deal? Not really I suppose since Darby's still a bit too young to care and the twins have no idea what time of day it is let alone what holiday we're surpassing, but I still like to be uber mommy and get pictures and play dress up. We drove all day, ended up passing through Sedona and other particulary and supposedly beautiful parts of Arizona after sunset and had to forgo seeing the Grand Canyon because we left a day later than we had intended. We made it to Albuquerque that first night and began the first of 5 nights of unloading three kids, three dogs, 6 suitcases, a travel swing, a co-sleeper, various expensive items, a large cooler, a hitch & haul, a huge rubbermaid container of Brad's work equipment, and our Sirius into the hotel room only to be followed by virtually nothing in the way of sleep, a free breakfast I wouldn't wish on someone I hated, and then a reverse de ja vu experience from the unloading experience the night before. Brad drove with the dogs and I had the kids. Both sets of kids did remarkably well in the cars and Darby even helped feed the babies at times when they were ready to stop and we weren't near a convenient location. To liven things up even more, Darby decided he was finally ready to quit unleashing his bodily fluids all over himself and wanted to become potty trained. I'm happy to say that he barely had any accidents on that road trip and has since become so sufficient at using the potty, that he's not even wearing pull-ups to bed anymore. Now, if I could just get him to quit randomly dropping trou in the middle of whatever room we're in at home whenever he gets the urge to pee, that would be great.
Anywho, back to Sarah's Inferno. Stick with me here, there will be more jumping around I'm sure, but I guess that's what you get when I haven't written in almost 2 months.
To make a longer story short, we stopped to see my great grandma, Brad's grandma, my mother-in-law for a few days, and then my parents for a week before we decided that our realtor was an idiot and might be legally retarded. We were supposed to close on our house by mid November and as our week winded down at my mom and dad's, we realized we would have to play Plan B; a rental cottage on Lake Erie. It sounded cozy and come to find out, it was an abomination. We got to live in a 3 bedroom fisherman's lair until we finally got the seller's bank's approval on our offer. They were gracious enough to appreciate our circumstances and allowed us to move in the first weekend after the approval. But Sarah! you might be thinking. It's three bedrooms! It's on the lake! What kind of two bit princess bitch are you? Let me tell you, sweetheart. You try living in a fishing cabin where two of the rooms get no heat whatsoever so you're forced to push three twin beds together for you, your husband, and your three year old, while your twins are latched onto a side with their co-sleeper and your three dogs occasionally sneak up for a midnight spooning session for extra warmth for three weeks. The words inhumane and torture come to my mind. How about you?
So now here I am, in my new bedroom and at my old friend, just pounding keys and enjoying life. Our town is cute and wonderful, Brad loves his new station, we've found a great pre-school for Darby, and I might go back to work part time at the hospital since Brad's got a set schedule. Ahhh...the best of both worlds; no daycare and a chance for the patient contact I miss so much. Life is good.
On a different note, sometime after the new year, I will have a new blog up and running that I've been working on for quite some time. I'm not content just writing about family and wish to reach a wider audience and do some more with my blogging. I've gotten too many offers for reviews and opportunities through some different media and marketing agencies that it's almost a necesity if I want to continue to get things like this handed to me.
Anywho, thanks for stopping by. More soon. Enjoy your holidays and may all of you be blessed this Christmas.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Too much to really sit down and report as of yet. No house, no news, eating turkey at my parents with my family, and that sums of life right about now. I hope to be writing you soon from the comfort of my own space but until that day, here's something to warm your spirits!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it has to be the largest RickRoll ever. YES!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little Hi, Hello.

Another wretchedly hot fall/summer day in Arizona. (Oh mid-west, hang on for me, I'm coming home!) When it cooled down last evening, Brad and Darby decided to tool around on Darby's Gator. I didn't think I'd come outside to find this, but alas, my husband fits in that car about as well as Darby does.

Brad's currently house hunting and we'll be purchasing our first home by the end of the month. I am crazy excited! I can't wait to finally be able to decorate and to do what I damn well please! I can't wait to have a backyard that the boys and the dogs can run around in! More importantly, I can wait for all this to happen out of Arizona! YAY! I've already got so many ideas for the boys' rooms and I'm anxious to get started. Speaking of the boys:

Daniel with a rare smile. Creighton, chunk-a-monk.

Hangin' on the boppy. Daniel wasn't particularly enjoying tummy time but is waving to the camera in the 2nd shot.

Mr. Bright Eyes, Creighton. Daniel, our little Monkey.
They are getting so damn big! I can barely stand it. What happened to these tiny little 4 lb. babes? Now they're pushing up and rolling over and giggling and smiling, not to mention constantly cooing. *sigh*
Brad called me a few minutes ago about houses and it seems he might have found "the one." The basement needs finished and I would definitely want to put new cabinets in because, holy crap, I don't do the retro look in the kitchen, but it's got everything we want with room to spare. We'll see though. Two more days of hunting left and I don't want to jump on anything the first day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Granola Mommy

So I'm being a hippy again.

I've decided to go back to cloth diapering like I did with Darby. I don't like it and I really love the idea of taking a poopy diaper off of a bum and chucking it in the Diaper Champ, but the boys' diaper areas are constantly red and I think they've got sensitive skin like their big brother and Daddy. I just don't see another alternative that makes a lot of sense. Thank God I kept all of Darby's cloth diapers. Kissaluvs and Fuzzi Bunz are expensive! Now if I can just find the handful of Snappi's I bought for the pre-folds. Hmm...

In other news, I'm trying desperately to build my milk supply up. It's ridiculous, really. I knew I'd have problems with supply after having my thyroid ablated but I'm starting to get pretty upset by it. I nursed Darby for 15 months (when he was FINALLY ready to wean) and I feel like a failure not being able to solely breastfeed them both without relying on formula part of the time. I haven't tried Goat's Rue yet but I've started taking blessed thistle and fenugreek and drinking mother's milk tea like crazy. If time would allow, I might be able to get some extra pumping sessions in, too. Thank God we're moving back in a few weeks and it won't be a big deal to go to my mother-in-law's and have her help me get the boys back on track. Do you know what a blessing it is to have your mother-in-law employed as a maternity nurse and a certified lactation consultant? It's even nicer that my own mother is a nurse at a family practice. When I finally get my degree, we'll be the trifecta! HA!Anyway, bed is calling my name and I am dreading getting up 5 1/2 hours from now. Sir Darby is getting his molar worked on tomorrow as it cracked due to a malformation. A 3 yr. old on valium and nitrous oxide should be a blast. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

30 Days....

until we move. Can you believe it? In preparation for this insane little adventure we're taking, I've begun mapping out our route (yeah, we're driving. Psycho much?) and getting a list together of things I should probably purchase before the great escape out of Arizona. This is going to be the last road trip we take for awhile I would assume, since you'd have to be nuts to do this for fun with 3 children, so we're definitely going up to the Canyon and definitely taking Route 66 back. I'm so excited despite the daunting task of minding 3 little guys on the road! Route 66 is so historic and has the cutest little towns and shops and diners along it. Even though I despise Rachael Ray, I do get her magazine every month and there was actually a road trip article about Rte. 66 a few issues ago. I'll have to check it out.

So, I'm thinking I'm going to need to buy one of those nifty backseat organizers, a 2nd carrier like our Graco one since that it just so much easier to put on than a Moby wrap, some glass bottles, a car charger for my pump, some travel toys to keep everyone (especially los bebes) engaged, and a few other really random but really-awesome-oh-my-God-I-have-to-have-it necessary.

For instance; Oopsy Daisy No-Rinse Shampoo and Bubble Bath and the Slurp 'n Burp!

The Oopsy Daisy stuff is plant based so you just squirt it on, rub it in, wipe it off, and voila! Clean baby! I figure it will be especially useful for when we're out and about and have to stop somewhere for lunch or whatever and the kids decide to decorate with sweet potatoes and such. I know Darby always thought baby food belonged everywhere except his mouth. The Slurp 'n Burp is especially crazy-cool. I have a Hooter Hider and it's a gorgeous print and has a built in burp rag and yadda yadda but everyone knows what you're doing under it. I don't so much mind people knowing that I'm breastfeeding, but I do like the idea of being a little more discreet. The blatant gawkers that look like they're trying to figure out what's going on under the big tent at the boob circus gets a little old. This travel spoon from One Step Ahead is also pretty wicked. How handy is that?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Advice to new moms

As I peruse other blogs I notice more and more moms buying their brand new babies outfits that are insanely expensive. Why?! Why are you doing that?!?! With our first, we stuck to Carter's and even a few inexpensive Target and Wal-Mart buys here and there because they were what we could afford at the time. Now that Brad's got a great paying job and we make more than enough for me to stay at home, I still rarely buy the boys expensive clothing (save for what they might where for our family pics or something that's too much of a deal to pass up). Besides the spit up factor, there is a much more important reason for doing this. It's called poop, and that fantastically cute and expensive garment you just threw onto your child for the day is going to get sloshed in it by sun down.

Case in point: I have a few cute sleepers that I bought from Old Navy a few weeks ago. Normally, I wouldn't have done it because a.) we turned Darby into such a clothes whore when he was a baby that we have more than enough for quads if we wanted and b.) they're about $5 more expensive than I like to spend. The arm twister was that they were 40% off, adorable, and cheaper than the sleepers I had planned on buying. Now, three of them are still in really good shape. But the lightest colored one (not to mention the cutest one by default since it's covered in monkeys) has since become a baby wipe as of it's very first wearing. Daniel had it on for all of 10 minutes before he pooped up to his neck and doused his brand new jammies. Damn it! There is no getting the mustard yellow breast milk poop stain out of those and thus they are pushed to the back of the drawer and I'm just glad I didn't pay full price for them. RIP cute little monkey jammies. RIP.



I knew this would happen. First twins, now moving, and my blog has fallen to the way side. I'm trying! I really am!

Our family has been anxiously awaiting the ok for a transfer back closer to home from this wretched state and we FINALLY got our wish. Unfortunately, we are expected to pack up and move all three children and all three puppy friends in a cross country move in 1 month. Also included in this task is having to find a house to buy and ready to move into by the first of November. Possible? Doubtful. But we're going to try anyway. Ohio, here we come. Ready or not.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Craze

I'm in big trouble.

I, Sarah, have become obsessed. I've become a web stalker.

Why oh why oh why did I have to become aware of Baby Steals, Mama Bargains, and Tottlers?!?!?!?! It's driving me mad!!!!!!

All 3 of these sites bring high quality and fairly expensive products to the table at anywhere from 20% to 80% off! SERIOUSLY. Right now, Mama Bargains has $380 BabyStar crib bedding (flat sheet, crib skirt, and bumper) for $90. This afternoon, they had $30 Miyim organic stuffed animals for $10. Are you doing the "I'm emptying my savings as I read" jig yet? They've also had Timmy and Leslie and Fleurville diaper bags, Red Castle Whizzes, and Sonoma Lavendar sets for Mama's only. I'm wiping away drool daily with this stuff but have yet to make a purchase. I'm waiting for the OMG I HAVE TO HAVE IT product.

Tottlers hasn't impressed me thus far, but I've only seen two of the products they've had to offer. They were mediocre at best (i.e. Dr. Seuss onesies) and for not that much of a price change but I'm hopeful I'll find something on there soon.

Baby Steals, however, got their first order from me this morning after I freaked over the Bumble bags they had up for grabs. I bought this gorgeous set after reading up on it and realizing that I was getting it cheaper by $130 anywhere else on the web. With shipping, it cost me $79and now I can replace my kinda drab Vera bag. Cute and comfy,don't get me wrong, but I've got it in the classic black (before it retired in January) and it just doesn't pop for me. This pretty blue is girly enough for me but not too femme so that it's good for toting around boy stuff. Oh! So cute! Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, it comes with the stroller straps and two snack bags usually sold seperately that are DISHWASHER safe. Mmm heard me. I wish everything was dishwasher safe.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coffee Obsession and Fall

It's fall which means there is coffee deliciousness all around me. Yeah, we're in Arizona but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy all the flavors of the season in 110 degree weather! It's once again time for pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks! Let the stampede commence! Fall also means delicious new creamer flavors in the grocery. So far, I've collected the pumpkin spice (for those mornings where I just can't get myself out of bed for the Bux) and chocolate mint truffle (to die for, by the way). I'm pretty sure this is why I love fall and winter so much....Or it could be the smell, the caramel apples at the Conner Prairie Apple Store, or the fact is that it always makes me feel goopy and lovey since this is right around the time I met Brad. I am practically beside myself that we're moving back east in time to go to the pumpkin patch and pick apples and enjoy a change in seasons!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I signed up for a lot of these networking sites that give you opportunities to try products for free as long as you promise to blog about them, pass along coupons, tell your friends and family, etc. I decided to finally set up a blog exclusively for review purposes as it's getting to the point where if I don't start blogging about the things I'm trying, I'm never going to catch up!
Only one post so far because it's late and I've got a house to exorcise but one review that I can mark off the list nonetheless.
Nothing major to report on my end, however, I will share with you that if you are at a loss of what to make for dinner one night, visit my friend Laura. She's a great girl and I've had the pleasure of eating at her house a number of times while both of our families were stationed in Alaska. Needless to say, I wouldn't bother recommending her food if she wasn't a wonderful cook!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Down with the sickness.

So in lieu of a fun mini vacay, my hubby and I enjoyed our weekend on the couch and La-Z-boy sick as dogs. Brad was fighting a lovely sinus infection, which I also decided to partake in since we share EVERYTHING (blah) and, never to be out done, I also have mastitis in my other breast now. HA! Just when I thought I was on the road to recovery, my previous affliction comes back with a vengence. How's that for some T&A?

Lucky for Old Navy and Target, I was not miserable enough to forget about shopping. I got the 2 high chairs I'd been eye balling on sale at Target and enough cute clothing for the boys at Old Navy to dress a set of quads for a week! The only things I didn't buy that I considered were Bumbo seats for each of them. There's a good chance I still will, but it's something I want to really mull over.

Aside from the Bumbos, I've been slowly checking off things from my Twins Wishlist that I want but don't necessarily need. The latest item to possibly be checked of the list: The
MaxiMom Baby Carrier. Yes, that is two babies that she's toting around. I find myself wanting one so badly and wondering what kind of crap people would say about the weird lady with the babies strapped to her at the same time. Those of you that know me pretty well know that I'm a "slightly crunchy" parent. I nurse on demand, I wear my kids (usually in a moby wrap or sling), and we do a family bed until we can't stand it anymore. Other birkenstock wearing hippie baby hobbies include: making my own baby food, cloth diapering on occasion (much more with D than with these two), and going to "green baby" rallies.
I'm so kidding about the rallies. I'm a conservative republican. I don't believe in global warming or going green. In fact, I want a hummer just to drive to my mail box every day. Take that, Earth!
Anyway, so I'm kind of granola-y when it comes to raising kids and this seems like it would be perfect. I can't really carry them both in the cradle hold in my moby wrap anymore so this would be awesome. AND you can put a baby up to 30 lbs. in each side! HELLO! Anyway, enough of that noise. It's past midnight, the babies are asleep and for some unknown reason, I'm not. Pictures tomorrow and congratulations to an old friend, Ms. Amber, from high school! Cooper's gorgeous and I'm so happy for you that he's finally here!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buggy Boards, Wicked Sales, and Weekends

Yesterday, D's buggy board finally got here from One Step Ahead and I excitedly opened the box and assembled it so that we could go on a walk first thing this morning before it got too hot. Upon hooking it up to the frame and having D try it out, I came to the conclusion that this "amazing" device that is compatible with every stroller is NOT compatible with ours. Freakin' frustration!! AHHH! I seriously think I might have to buy a side-by-side to have on hand along with our tandem so that the buggy board actually works.. I've got to figure out something because without my morning walks, I'm going to be a wreck. I can't go much longer!
I am super psyched that all of my favorite stores are having sales right now. Old Navy, Target, and Kohl's are all having kick ass baby sales and I'm going to go nuts this week. The high chair I've been wanting to buy the twins for future use is $20 cheaper than usual right now, so I'm thinking I should jump on it while I can. I also need to pick up some sleepers and a bunch of other crap I've been meaning to buy. Old Navy has the cutest onesies right now and Creighton and Daniel would look so adorable in them!! Then again, I think they look adorable in everything.
Speaking of the boys, they had a weigh in and a quick check-up at the pediatrician yesterday and they are becoming little bruisers! Creighton is 12 lbs. 9 oz. and Daniel is 12 lbs. 1 oz. Can you even believe it?! Three months ago, they were 1/3 of that! Why do I always have these huge monstrosities for kids? It's like I make liquid lard instead of breastmilk. Yikes.
Our weekend starts tonight (since Brad usually works most traditional weekends) and I think I'm going to plan a little impromptu trip to the Grand Canyon for a couple days. We've lived here for a year and a half and still have not seen it! It might take some coaxing, but it'll be fun. Besides, who wouldn't want to take a road trip with 3 small children?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why I hate Windows Vista

You've got to be kidding me. I just spent 40 minutes writing a blog that Windows Vista shut down due to issues that it refuses to tell me about. UGH! In short, I wrote a top 10 as to why this week has been so great. I'm not going to really get into it again unless I feel like coming back on here later when there aren't dishes to do and floors to clean, but I will give a brief run down without rhyme or reason:
1. E.L.F. make-up
2. Gossip Girl premiere
3. My birthday!
4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
5. Canon House Party
6. My stroller arrived.
7. Spaghetti Cat made an appearance on The Soup.
8. The Republican Nat'l Convention
9. Vocal Point and She Speaks
10. The Bride Stripped Bare

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spaghetti Cat

Have you seen this?!

I don't care who you are, that's hilarious. I feel a cultural phenonmenon coming on!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweeney Sarah: The Demon Mom of Arizona

Judging by the title, I'm sure you can tell that today was a not-so-great day. I feel like I'm just losing it with my little guys sometimes. With Brad working on "hell shift" as I like to call it, it's pretty much me and the kids and the dogs 24/7 without a break or back-up. I know I really should not be complaining because we went through so much before we were actually blessed with children, but sometimes it's all just a bit too overwhelming. I've got a 3 yr. old that either doesn't understand or refuses to understand me, twins that refuse to get on any kind of schedule, a husband who, hello? hello?? oh yeah, he's at work.....again, and dogs that are so stir crazy from having to stay off of the "desert landscaping" that surrounds this hell hole that they've brought wrestle mania to my living room. I've been losing my temper pretty quick so I spend a lot of time forcing fake smiles and biting my tongue.
How am I to keep up with laundry and the house in this kind of 3 ring circus? AHHH!
Here's hoping we get this transfer that Brad has put in for. I can't take another summer of avoiding the outdoors because it's dangerously hot out. Maybe I can talk my hubby into whisking us away to San Diego for one last weekend before the Pacific becomes unbearably cold again.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Someday I'm going to get on the ball and update this thing like I should. Until then, sporadic is what I'll do best. These three boys have me run so ragged that I barely know which way is up anymore. If it's not trying to entertain the oldest and keep him in check, it's feeding the little ones, changing the little ones, pleading with the oldest to TRY and use the potty like a big boy, and of course, my achilles heel, attempting to keep up with the house. To top off the extreme exhaustion and overwhelming chores that are stacking up, our roof has sprung a leak (awesome!) and I've got mastitis (jealous?). Ever had mastitis? If you love flu-like symptoms, pain, and cold sweats, then you'll flip over this ailment! And to think if I'd just quit nursing I wouldn't even have to deal with it. *sigh* The things we suffer for the sake of what's best for our families.
In non bitching/moaning news, the fall tv schedule is quickly approaching and I'm psyched to be in the throes of another season of Grey's Anatomy and The Office. Best of all, my guilty pleasure starts tomorrow. :-) Here's hoping for a quiet night!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm ba-ack!

Life is good. Busy and pull-your-hair-out exhausting, but good none the less. We've had the twins home for almost 2 months now and I'm proud to report that they are getting chubbier by the day and eating and sleeping like little champs.

My boys, Creighton and Daniel.

They are most definitely a far cry from the little 4 lb. bundles on C-PAP and NG tubes sleeping so far away from us every night. Even on the bad days, it's comforting knowing that every night all I have to do is reach my arm out and I can touch either one of their sweet baby faces and smell their sweet baby heads in the co-sleeper next to me. Have you ever noticed that the top of a baby's head smells so.....I don't know, like love? It's the perfect mix of baby shampoo and brand new-ness and Dreft and I'm pretty sure that's what love smells like. Unless, of course, you're this kid:
Then love smells like Lucky Charms, apple juice, and play-dough. :-) I love my little guy!
Like the mess on our couch? I live on that thing with the twins. As you can see, we've got a naked Boppy, my tokidoki purse, my diaper bag, and other assorted "must haves" that I needed that day. It's in a perpetual state of disarray but at least our house looks lived in, right? Sure.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Grandparents

My mom and dad came to stay with us for a week and oh my GOD do I miss them. They were such a huge help and I don't know how I got anything done before they got here. I'm going to have to relearn how to be a one woman domestic machine all over again.

While they were here, we got a gourmet dinner every night courtesy of my mom, Brad and I got a chance to go out on a date, and D was entertained non-stop by his favorite "Hoo-pah." Does my dad even try to correct him and have him say Grandpa? No. He thinks Hoopah is the coolest name ever given to a grandparent and insists that no one tell D that he's pronouncing it wrong. How do we explain this to his speech therapist?

Brad and I took advantage of our night out and had a romantic dinner at Mimi's followed by a night of acting like idiots at our local casino. We left with even money and had SO much fun. We figured if we're going to go, it might as well be now before all the damn snow birds invade again and we won't be able to go anywhere without being surrounded by blue hairs. You don't know fear until you notice the RV coming at you is driven by a tiny, shriveled up, 90 year old man possibly sitting on phone books to see over the dash.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where have I been?

Perhaps you have been wondering (and by you I mean that whole 3 people that read this) where I have run to for the past month and what has been keeping me so busy that my blog would no longer be top priority? Well, let me tell ya, a week on strict bed rest followed by a premature birth of two BEAUTIFUL boys will do that sometimes.
It all began on June 2nd. I went to the hospital with erractic contractions because I just sensed that something wasn't quite right about these even though they weren't coming at regular intervals or intensity. Upon getting checked by the nurse in OB triage, I was informed that I was sitting at 4 cm. Holy crap! The doc came in, stopped my labor with a plethora of drugs that made me feel like crap, and then I spent the next three days on my back unable to move. Huh. Never thought about it like this, but seems to me that perhaps that's how I got into this mess. Ha! Anywho, my doc finally let me go home on orders to remain in bed unless showering or using the bathroom until I give birth. He was hoping to get me two more weeks of growing babies but my body settled for one. June 11th, Brad and I went into the hospital after I was certain that my contractions were not going to be stopped by the perscription given to me. At 9 pm I was between 4 and 5 cm. At midnight, I was 7 cm and they quit trying to delay delivery. I got an epidural, reached 10 cm soon afterwards, and was wheeled into the operating room shortly thereafter to give birth. At 12:59 am, Creighton David screamed his way into the world at a whopping 4 lbs. 15.3 oz. and 18 in. long. For 33 weeks gestation, that's pretty damn good! Ten minutes later, my little tough guy, Daniel Morgan, came into the world double foot breech at 4 lbs. 10.7 oz. and 17 1/4 in. long. They are currently in the NICU but are getting stronger every day and growing by absolute leaps and bounds. I'm hoping they'll be home in another week or two and then life can go on. As you can see from the pictures, they are quite possibly the most perfect little things that God ever created. I am so in love with our new additions and am so anxious to be exhausted by them in the comfort of our own home.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Disney, twins, and why these two aren't compatible.

So we just got back from Disneyland late Monday night and I must say that if I thought I had cankles before, I should have shut my mouth until I saw my legs after walking around Mickey's palace of inconsiderate Euro trash for 2 straight days. All in all it was a great vacation; little guy got to go on a ton of rides, had breakfast with Goofy, and got to meet the main mouse himself. My only complaint is how horrible people are sometimes. If we weren't having people jump ahead of us in line for things like character photos or food, we were having to fight people for seats on the trolley that took us to and from the hotel each day. Mind you, most of the people at the hotel were couples enjoying Disneyland without the thrills of a 3 yr. old or being very pregnant so it was quite annoying that they thought they needed to stiff arm us out of the way for seats. Fabulous manners. Just perfect.
Anyway, as we left the wonderful world of magic late Monday morning, I took note of the souvenirs I'd be bringing home with me: Christmas ornament? Check. Photo frame? Check. Sunburn, Flintstone feet, and an out of whack spine? Check, check, and check. With everything in the car, we decided to bite the bullet and drive the extra half hour north to Hollywood. With two extra kids coming, who knows when we'd have the chance to see it again? Let me tell you, Hollywood Blvd. is a dump! Surrounding the world famous Grauman's Chinese and Kodak theaters are souvenir shops, various eateries, and a lovely smattering of skanky lingerie and shoe shops that I think should just collectively be in one building entitled "Hos Unlimited." I kid you not when I say the only people wearing this stuff are strippers and hookers because this crap made Frederick's of Hollywood look like Target. This stuff didn't just scream, "I'm a sure thing!" It screamed, took out ads in every newspaper, and had neon lights flashing, "Not only am I sure thing, but bring all your friends. Seriously. Everyone you know." The creepiest thing of all were the street performers. There were various men and women who may/may not have been on a work release program dressed up as Spiderman, Elmo, a poor man's Mickey and Minnie, and my least favorite, Michael Jackson. Of all the people to impersonate, is this a wise choice? Even better? Despite a sign in front of Grauman's saying that these people weren't in any way affiliated with the theater, people were letting their little kids take pictures with these possible freaks! Call me over protective, but it just seems like common sense to not let some stranger who isn't getting paid to do this hug on your child.
For those of you wondering about the house.....I failed. I knew I would so I'm glad I didn't let myself down. While the laundry was completed, we left the house in only semi-clean shape and now I'm having to start from square one all over again. Maybe I'll start tomorrow afternoon. I've got coupons to clip and bargains to catch up on from some of my favorite bargain hunting blogs that I'll add on to my list later.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chell-o cankles!

So Brad gets home tomorrow afternoon and I've got a feeling I'm not going to clean until, oh, say 11 am tomorrow. SLACKER! Unfortunately one of the best movies ever made is currently occupying my time (Empire Records) and there is a serious batch of rocky road sandwiches that the little guy and I made last night that the babies are craving. No, I'm not eating them for me. How could you even suggest such a thing? Whatever the twins want the twins get, and if that happens to be Mallow cream sandwiched between delicious chocolate chip and almond cookies, then so be it! I will suffer for them for I am their mother and it is what I do. Seriously, I'm going to be put up for sainthood for this kind of sacrifice.
I had the horrible experience of trying on maternity clothes today since I am in desperate need of shorts. It hasn't been this big of a fiasco in the past because, well, I didn't look like I was harboring several children under my shirt. Now it does. In fact, my own husband is starting to poke fun at me because not only do I feel miserably huge but I look it, too. No one and I mean NO ONE should have to be pregnant during the summer in Arizona. With temperatures already reaching the high 90s and, at times, topping 100, it's a special kind of hell that makes me fear what kind of swelling I'll be experiencing come June. For the first time in my life, I've got an up close and personal view of the phenomenon some like to call "cankles." They aren't the sexy commodity you might have previously believed. No, no. They're disgusting and they make your legs look bad in any kind of short, skirt, or pant imaginable. This fantastic ankle swelling accompanied by the fact that I look like I'm ready to pop any day now made for a fabulous mope/cry in the dressing room at Motherhood. Little guy, sitting quietly on the floor playing with some complimentary blocks, looks up at me and says,
"Hey mommy, what'sa matta?"
"Nothing, baby. Mommy's fine. I'm just-"
"Shake it off, Mommy."
For someone that just turned 3, he's brilliant.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cleaning and other annoyances

So I got a crazy idea this evening to follow my to-do list that my book insists is a part of every domestic goddess's arsenal. I do nothing but chase a 3 yr. old around all day and I am keeping a day planner like my schedule is so chalk full that I just couldn't possibly pencil anything frivolous in. I'm obviously much too important. Anyway, I'm looking at my joke of a to-do list (i.e. make cookies, drink a gallon of water, water strawberries. I'm trying so hard just to fill up lines!) and I see something that isn't so ridiculous; mop. Being in the southwest we've got tile floors throughout most of our house and between a preschooler, three dogs, and my clumsy butt, they need to be swept and mopped at least once a day. I almost get excited at the prospect of doing something productive and something other than watching reruns of The Office and Sex and the City. I busily begin to pick up my son's Thomas cache that I forgot to make him pick up before I put him to bed (yeah, I'm sure this is exactly the kind of parenting that started me down my path of filth) and move around some of the lighter furniture so that I can have complete access to the floors. I sweep and vacuum the oriental rug, Swiffer my now debris free tile and begin to move the furniture back to its proper place. The last piece, the cocktail table that I loved up until an hour ago, decided to move diagnally instead of straight back and took off my toe nail in the process. Not only did I get the joy of bleeding like a stuck pig for...oh....wait for it....I'm still oozing, but it hurt and while attempting to bolt to the guest bath the dogs were suddenly under the impression that I wanted to play so I had all three of those dopes chasing after me.
On another note, is anyone else completely irritated and annoyed by those stupid Disaronno commercials? I can't figure out which I hate more; those, the old Old Navy commercials with Molly Sims, or the Kay Jeweler commercials (if my husband acted like those idiots I'd throw the diamonds back at him and tell him to grow a pair).
Well, I think I've spread enough sunshine this evening.

She cleaned....and it was good.

I ended up staying up until 1 am last night enjoying my guilty pleasure (the trash-tastic Fox Reality channel) and sprucing up my living room and kitchen. I also got to read the next two chapters in my current literary love, "Absolutely Organized for Moms." It's got a lot of good ideas and I've got a lot of good intentions that I'll be paving the road to hell with. I am absent a nesting gene. While pregnant with little guy, I got the urge to clean really well for about a day or so. Unfortunately I was on bed rest and this wasn't an option. Brad and I ended up straightening up the house while I was enjoying extremely painful contractions about 8 hours before I gave birth. I'm trying really hard to make this pregnancy different but I always find something "better" to do. For instance; why should I do the dishes when I can screw around on Stumbleupon? Why clean the kitchen when I can make rocky road sandwiches with the cutest little kitchen helper there ever was? Why clean out the playroom to make room for a nursery? Well, there's babies coming, that's why. And it's my job. And I'm an adult and I should take on some responsibility. Should a 25 year old really be having to tell herself that?
Anywho, the house is coming along inspite of my heels being dug firmly into the land of "I'll do whatever I damn well please." I also ran my fun little mommy chores this morning: post office, bank, film drop-off, etc. Jealous much? Brad comes home in t-minus 2 days and I will have this house looking spectacular. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Here we go....

At 30 weeks pregnant, I really have no patience to try my hand at new things but I figure I'll give blogging a shot. This is the 3rd time in just as many weeks my husband has had to be out of town and I'm getting bored. Luckily for me (not to mention my son who's probably tired of hearing mommy's whining about playing trains....again!) Brad gets home Thursday and then it's off to the happiest place on earth. No, not a secluded beach with an open bar. Disneyland. This will be our first real family vacation. I say real because this is the first time we've traveled where our only motives are to relax, enjoy ourselves, and unwind a tiny bit before the boys make their debut. Every other "vacation" (and I do use that term loosely) has been due to us moving to another state or some other wrench in life that we've decided to make the best out of. Our little guy is so excited. He just about flipped his lid today when the UPS guy dropped off our documents for the park and resort today. "Bisneylam," he calls it. It's so cute I can't even bring myself to correct him.
Time at the tone is 10:34 pm and I have yet to make good on the promise to myself to at least get my living room and kitchen looking presentable today. Things I have accomplished: kick counts, eating 2 popsicles, a nap, the dishes, and making dinner. Oh, I suppose I can check "start fancy new blog" off my list as well. Other things I should have gotten done but have procrastinated on: ordering a co-sleeper for the boys (it's a must if you're going to breastfeed or if you're simply a complete spaz about whether or not your baby is breathing...I fall into both categories), changing the sheets and duvet on our bed (sooner than needed, but all 3 of our dogs insist on sneaking up into Brad's spot when he's not home), and taking our son to the pool. Of course, me taking my son to the pool would also involve me having to squeeze my oh-so-pregnant-with-twins belly into my super cute lycra circus tent swimsuit. Is it really procrastination or simply avoidance? You make the call. More tomorrow, I've got a house to negotiate with.