Monday, September 29, 2008

Advice to new moms

As I peruse other blogs I notice more and more moms buying their brand new babies outfits that are insanely expensive. Why?! Why are you doing that?!?! With our first, we stuck to Carter's and even a few inexpensive Target and Wal-Mart buys here and there because they were what we could afford at the time. Now that Brad's got a great paying job and we make more than enough for me to stay at home, I still rarely buy the boys expensive clothing (save for what they might where for our family pics or something that's too much of a deal to pass up). Besides the spit up factor, there is a much more important reason for doing this. It's called poop, and that fantastically cute and expensive garment you just threw onto your child for the day is going to get sloshed in it by sun down.

Case in point: I have a few cute sleepers that I bought from Old Navy a few weeks ago. Normally, I wouldn't have done it because a.) we turned Darby into such a clothes whore when he was a baby that we have more than enough for quads if we wanted and b.) they're about $5 more expensive than I like to spend. The arm twister was that they were 40% off, adorable, and cheaper than the sleepers I had planned on buying. Now, three of them are still in really good shape. But the lightest colored one (not to mention the cutest one by default since it's covered in monkeys) has since become a baby wipe as of it's very first wearing. Daniel had it on for all of 10 minutes before he pooped up to his neck and doused his brand new jammies. Damn it! There is no getting the mustard yellow breast milk poop stain out of those and thus they are pushed to the back of the drawer and I'm just glad I didn't pay full price for them. RIP cute little monkey jammies. RIP.


Andrea said...

I have to agree on this one. My son is almost 4 and his clothes take a daily beating. I rarely shop outside of Target and Steve & Barry's.