Friday, September 12, 2008

Down with the sickness.

So in lieu of a fun mini vacay, my hubby and I enjoyed our weekend on the couch and La-Z-boy sick as dogs. Brad was fighting a lovely sinus infection, which I also decided to partake in since we share EVERYTHING (blah) and, never to be out done, I also have mastitis in my other breast now. HA! Just when I thought I was on the road to recovery, my previous affliction comes back with a vengence. How's that for some T&A?

Lucky for Old Navy and Target, I was not miserable enough to forget about shopping. I got the 2 high chairs I'd been eye balling on sale at Target and enough cute clothing for the boys at Old Navy to dress a set of quads for a week! The only things I didn't buy that I considered were Bumbo seats for each of them. There's a good chance I still will, but it's something I want to really mull over.

Aside from the Bumbos, I've been slowly checking off things from my Twins Wishlist that I want but don't necessarily need. The latest item to possibly be checked of the list: The
MaxiMom Baby Carrier. Yes, that is two babies that she's toting around. I find myself wanting one so badly and wondering what kind of crap people would say about the weird lady with the babies strapped to her at the same time. Those of you that know me pretty well know that I'm a "slightly crunchy" parent. I nurse on demand, I wear my kids (usually in a moby wrap or sling), and we do a family bed until we can't stand it anymore. Other birkenstock wearing hippie baby hobbies include: making my own baby food, cloth diapering on occasion (much more with D than with these two), and going to "green baby" rallies.
I'm so kidding about the rallies. I'm a conservative republican. I don't believe in global warming or going green. In fact, I want a hummer just to drive to my mail box every day. Take that, Earth!
Anyway, so I'm kind of granola-y when it comes to raising kids and this seems like it would be perfect. I can't really carry them both in the cradle hold in my moby wrap anymore so this would be awesome. AND you can put a baby up to 30 lbs. in each side! HELLO! Anyway, enough of that noise. It's past midnight, the babies are asleep and for some unknown reason, I'm not. Pictures tomorrow and congratulations to an old friend, Ms. Amber, from high school! Cooper's gorgeous and I'm so happy for you that he's finally here!