Sunday, August 31, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Someday I'm going to get on the ball and update this thing like I should. Until then, sporadic is what I'll do best. These three boys have me run so ragged that I barely know which way is up anymore. If it's not trying to entertain the oldest and keep him in check, it's feeding the little ones, changing the little ones, pleading with the oldest to TRY and use the potty like a big boy, and of course, my achilles heel, attempting to keep up with the house. To top off the extreme exhaustion and overwhelming chores that are stacking up, our roof has sprung a leak (awesome!) and I've got mastitis (jealous?). Ever had mastitis? If you love flu-like symptoms, pain, and cold sweats, then you'll flip over this ailment! And to think if I'd just quit nursing I wouldn't even have to deal with it. *sigh* The things we suffer for the sake of what's best for our families.
In non bitching/moaning news, the fall tv schedule is quickly approaching and I'm psyched to be in the throes of another season of Grey's Anatomy and The Office. Best of all, my guilty pleasure starts tomorrow. :-) Here's hoping for a quiet night!