Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She cleaned....and it was good.

I ended up staying up until 1 am last night enjoying my guilty pleasure (the trash-tastic Fox Reality channel) and sprucing up my living room and kitchen. I also got to read the next two chapters in my current literary love, "Absolutely Organized for Moms." It's got a lot of good ideas and I've got a lot of good intentions that I'll be paving the road to hell with. I am absent a nesting gene. While pregnant with little guy, I got the urge to clean really well for about a day or so. Unfortunately I was on bed rest and this wasn't an option. Brad and I ended up straightening up the house while I was enjoying extremely painful contractions about 8 hours before I gave birth. I'm trying really hard to make this pregnancy different but I always find something "better" to do. For instance; why should I do the dishes when I can screw around on Stumbleupon? Why clean the kitchen when I can make rocky road sandwiches with the cutest little kitchen helper there ever was? Why clean out the playroom to make room for a nursery? Well, there's babies coming, that's why. And it's my job. And I'm an adult and I should take on some responsibility. Should a 25 year old really be having to tell herself that?
Anywho, the house is coming along inspite of my heels being dug firmly into the land of "I'll do whatever I damn well please." I also ran my fun little mommy chores this morning: post office, bank, film drop-off, etc. Jealous much? Brad comes home in t-minus 2 days and I will have this house looking spectacular. Wish me luck!


Laura said...

Good luck on getting the house clean. I've got one here that you can clean also. I have 3 weeks till Eric is home so I have plenty of time but i know I will put it off until the day before he comes home. I hate cleaning!