Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little Hi, Hello.

Another wretchedly hot fall/summer day in Arizona. (Oh mid-west, hang on for me, I'm coming home!) When it cooled down last evening, Brad and Darby decided to tool around on Darby's Gator. I didn't think I'd come outside to find this, but alas, my husband fits in that car about as well as Darby does.

Brad's currently house hunting and we'll be purchasing our first home by the end of the month. I am crazy excited! I can't wait to finally be able to decorate and to do what I damn well please! I can't wait to have a backyard that the boys and the dogs can run around in! More importantly, I can wait for all this to happen out of Arizona! YAY! I've already got so many ideas for the boys' rooms and I'm anxious to get started. Speaking of the boys:

Daniel with a rare smile. Creighton, chunk-a-monk.

Hangin' on the boppy. Daniel wasn't particularly enjoying tummy time but is waving to the camera in the 2nd shot.

Mr. Bright Eyes, Creighton. Daniel, our little Monkey.
They are getting so damn big! I can barely stand it. What happened to these tiny little 4 lb. babes? Now they're pushing up and rolling over and giggling and smiling, not to mention constantly cooing. *sigh*
Brad called me a few minutes ago about houses and it seems he might have found "the one." The basement needs finished and I would definitely want to put new cabinets in because, holy crap, I don't do the retro look in the kitchen, but it's got everything we want with room to spare. We'll see though. Two more days of hunting left and I don't want to jump on anything the first day.


Laura said...

That picture of Brad is so funny!! I'll have to put it out to Eric - I'm sure he'll have something to say about it. :)
I can't believe how big the boys have gotten. They are so cute!Good luck on your house hunting. We got a house you can buy. :)

The Dressler Family said...

How much longer are you here?Sounds like not long if Brad has been house hunting. Thanks for the link, what a neat site! I will definitley have to order something from them